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Walking in Between Realities

Chapter 14

WHY!? WHY!? WHY!!!!?? Sano was screaming in her head as she ran down the Hill into Central City. As she was gone to find her a master, she turns to find the city around Edward’s home covered in black smoke. She uses her demon powers to run faster till she jumped up from the hill to crash land on her feet near the front gate in Central City.  Kurama makes it through first behind her and Edward used Alchemy to catch up with them and he lands by her side. He runs in first as he catches a crowd of soldiers. “HEY! YOU!!” he called running to them waving his arms. The soldier turned to them but was slammed with an explosion with a bomb. Edward froze as the black smoked covered the area. He observed the area to see the buildings destroyed, damaged all possible of any kind of repair, and the streets covered in bomb or claw marks. He examines the area as he looks up and sees a shadow. He stopped and blink to catch if was real- but it disappeared. He clicks his tongue and turns away to catch Sano coming to him. “Edward! Do you know what’s going on!?” she calls as she runs to him with Kurama behind her. But almost in slow motion, he watches as a random explosion comes between Sano and Kurama. A sudden wind burst between them as the street burst as the concrete and pipes flew everywhere. “SANO!” Screamed Edward as he claps his hands quickly to create a slide looking spiral from the pipes that she slides down from the air. She slides down and lands into Edward’s arms and he carries her away from the rest of the rumble and covers her in his arms. She holds tightly to his jacket till it stopped. Once it was over, they looked around with Edward still holding into her. “What the hell was that?” huffs Edward looking around what happened.

“It was a wind manipulation- a demonic power for sure.” the two jumped by the sudden voice o see Kurama, unharmed and staring ahead from the damaged street. Edward and Sano flinched by his sudden appearance and Edward grumbled, “Oh, you’re still alive?” Kurama turned to him with a grin, “Yeah Hikui-teinousha.” Edward flinched and let go of Sano ready to punch Kurama. Sano sighs ignoring the males as she looks ahead to see a shadow move about and she gets a sting on her head as Ryuu screams- “SANO THEY’RE HERE!” His voice breaking of anxiety. Sano flinched and looked to see a shadow with red spiky hair and a black uniform. And it turned to show red eyes with a shark teeth smile. Sano felt a chill go down her spine as she stared into the eyes of the creature. Then the shadow disappeared. Sano huffs as she starts running after the shadow. Edward and Kurama noticed and they run after her. “They’re here - I have a bad feeling..” states Ryuu worried as he stays by her side. “Sano you have to-”

“NO! NOT YET RYUU!” screams Sano as she jumps over a border from a falling building and continues to head after the Elric’s home. Or at least get someone to give her the situation here.

Meanwhile the young alchemist can’t keep up with Sano as he runs fast- including Kurama is losing her as she runs faster each time. “I think this involves her siblings being here!” calls Kurama as they turn a corner after Sano. Edward heard as he comes by his side, “What do you mean!? You mean this was their fault?”

“I’m considering thats the only observation here- and its accurate. We need to go after Sano and try to stop her from doing anything rash.” he says, almost in a command leader tone. One thing Edward doesn’t like is being told what to do- especially from someone he doesn't like. “OH~ No problem pretty Ginger Baka-sama! But I’ll be getting there first to help Sano!!”  and he claps his hands to transmute from the ground and walls of the buildings to create a slide going after Sano towards his place. Kurama couldn’t help but chuckle as he runs faster with hs demon abilities onto the rooftops.


Sano made it near the area of their place till getting blown away by another explosion. She moves by a building and looks to see the military all over the Elric’s home shooting at something all over. Sano though hears a faint scream inside. “HELP! SOMEONE PLEASE GET US OUT!” Sano listened carefully to hear the voices to be the Trisha and Emily. “SANO!!” Sano flinched as she hears her sister’s calls to her. “SISTER!!” Sano grips her fist and she looks inside the house as she sees shadows moving about. One tries to burst inside the roof, gut was pulled back by some barrier. Must be Hohenheim… thought Sano as she looks at the soldiers with Mustang and everyone else.

“TAKE THIS BASTARDS!!” Called Mustang as he snaps his fingers and a shot of fire was burst after the home to catch the shadows. Although a gust of wind broke the fire and the fire disappeared. Suddenly, the person that disburse the fire steps forth from the smoke. Sano looks to gasp in total horror and shock. The person had crazy red fire hair tied in a ponytail, black uniform with a black jump suit, red, blue, orange scarves and bracelets with symbols and loop earrings, along with her devil red eyes and shark teeth giving her a menacing look. She laughs as she points her weapon to be a big ass butcher sword. “WHAT A BUNCH OF WEAKLINGS YOU ARE! You think thats going to work- no matter how many times you do it!?” she laughs again to make Mustang glare angry as he gets ready to snap. “Ohh- someone’s piss- you know this could stop if you just give us-”
“GRACE!” a deep voice screamed to the person as they flinch and turned to the man in a dark trench coat and a black beanie and dark purple hair. His red eyes glare at her, “Stop it- we don’t want to go that far..” Grace clicks her tongue and ignores him as she looks back at the military as they get ready to shot. “RELEASE THE PRISONERS AND STAND DOWN!” called Mustang and Riza holds her sniper hun with the other soldiers and the rest pointing at them. Grace chuckles as she lifts her sword. Sano sensed something wrong from her as she sensed a power evaporating from her and going into her sword. Ryuu too holds onto her shoulder and he looks down at her. thier silent stare as he nods. She stares as she arched her brows not really knowing what choice she really has.


“HOW BOUT YOU JUST KISS MY ASS!!” and Grace sweeps down her sword and a demonic wind burst through. Everyone was shocked by this as they see the light of blue and red of the winds coming at them. Till a spark disburse the winds and it disappears. Mustang and everyone look as a being lands in front of them with graceful stance as it looks up ahead at Grace. The hair flowing of gold and fire and a white torn jacket and gold and red kimono tight outfit with a dragon on it. the being looks up with their bright golden eyes to the demon as the military stares amazed and confused. Mustang comes forth, “Ms. Edmunds?” Sano turns showing her golden eyes to scare the colonel and backs up. “Is that you?”

“Stay back colonel- this is my prey. They’re only after me.”  she says harmonizing with Ryuu’s toine in it. they turn back to see Grace with shocked eyes. She stared amazed till losing it and called everyone else, “She’s here! Just like you said!” Sano still holds her stone face as she watches another person comes up. He was lean and tall with long wavy brown hair and red eyes like all of them. He held out his arms as he smiled devilishly to her. “Hh how foolish you were, Sano Edmunds.” Sano though wasn’t going to flinch by his words. As she looks at him he holds out his arms as they develop from normal arms and into automail arms and transforming into knives and machines of all kind. Sano blinks a few of this extremeness. “NOW- SANO EDMUNDS! Face the Wrath of-” but he was cut off as a bolder with a face on it was slammed on his face to cause him to fall over. Everyone stopped as they look up. Edward stood on the rooftop with one foot on the edge and holding another bolder ready to through. “WHY DON’T YOU JUST SHUT UP YOU PISS-ITS!!” He screams and throws another bolder at Grace who dodges barely. Sano stare amazed- but also relieved. But Kurama was no where in sight… “Hey colonel-butt face- Why don’t you do your job and blow these suckers!?” called Edward as he jumps off and lands with grace by the soldiers. Mustang flinches as he growls at him, “Well could you blame me these guys are not normal humans you know!”

“Who cares! We’ve dealt with non-humans before remember? We can handle this.” sighs Edward as he looks ahead to see Sano in demon form. she looks down to him with a softer look than her usual. Edward…. you came here.. she thought as he comes by her. “Sano-k-kun…” he stutters, having a hint of pink on his cheeks. Sano widens her eyes as she listens, “Let’s fight together ok? So we don’t get separated again. So I can stay by your side… If that’s OK?” Sano was quiet as she sighs and gives him a smile with her demon fang showing, “Do you have to ask?” Edward gasp as his face gives a big happy smile and his eyes glimpsing with sparks. And Sano turns with her stone face to the demons till breaking once she hears screams from Trisha and Emily again. Then hearing, “NO TRISHA!!”

“Hohenheim!” Called Edward and he was going to run until one of the demons jumps down to block him. his automail bringing out a blow gun. Edward backs up till he claps his hands to his automail and makes his knife out of it. He gets in stance ready. Sano then turned to Mustang, “Mustang- you must stop these demons and try to get the prisoners out. Surround the home more and i’ll try to go in- you think you can try to distract them?”

“I- I’ll try Edmunds.” he answers then ordering the troops to set as they run around the mansion.  Sano then turned as she goes head first inside the mansion and breaking the barrier near the entrance. She jumps high from the ground to the window and burst through. She could hear screams through the hallway. and she runs through opening doors and screaming for Emily. Then

“SANO!!” She heard her sister call from the nearby bedroom in Hohenheim's and Trisha’s. She runs through slamming the door opening. But getting stabbed in the stomach by a sudden knife. she gasped sensing this pain as poison seeps inside her. she looks seeing Emily not here and its another demon. “W-What are you?” she mumbles. The demon stops as she comes by with her normal voice, “I can manipulate voices- i’m pretty much a skin changer. But dear ano Edmunds. You’re are something much more special.” she smiles as the person that stabbed her lets her go as she falls to the ground. Sano could see her vision getting blurry. but she stays kneeling. “W-Where is my SISTER!?” she questions furious. the ladies laugh as the lady that stabbed her hold her fire hair up as she glare down at her. And for Sano to gasp seeing her very own aunt holding onto her. “Don’t worry, you’ll find out soon enough..” Sano wanted to speak more but lost her senses and her body slumped over and her aunt picked her up on her shoulder. “Let’s go.” and they disperse.


After the fight with the demon siblings, Edward got hurt a little from trying to dodge most of his gun blows and sword shooting at him. Eventually though suddenly he had to leave mysteriously and he escaped. Edward wasn’t giving up as he tries to go after him and throws a tracker on him that he transmuted. He stopped and took a breather. A soldier comes running to him to check his wounds. He looks over to the house as his family steps out. He comes running with them holding onto his hurt arm. “MOM! AL!” He comes to them checking them over, “Are you OK? Did they hurt you?!”

“NO- no Edward..” smiles Trisha hugging him close with Edward hugging her close too. digging his head in her shoulder and tugging her dress, afraid to let go. Alphonse though screams, “Emily was taken though!” Edward lets go of his mom as everyone turns to him. “I.. let her get taken away…” his voice was rough and regrettable. Edward stares confused. “What do you mean, AL?”
“I--” He then explains what happened. “I was with Emily here at home and doing our business of watching TV and stuff. Then the doorbell rung and i opened it. no one was there and i closed the door. but then the lights were going crazy and noises were heard everywhere. the whole place turned into a haunted house or something! I ran to Emily but she disappeared. I heard her screaming. I ran upstairs hearing her screams, scared for my life, I find her tackled down by a monster with wings, fangs and claws. She had dark black hair and a red eyes. She was definitely a demon from some world… I tried to fight it with alchemy or some weapons i can find. I used her things to hurt the thing. But it was strong and knocked me around the room and made me bang my head hard on the edge of her desk. I watched the creature drag her away. Emily’s screams for help and cries… I couldn’t save her brother…” he started to break as he clenched his fist. Hohenheim put a hand on his shoulder and Trisha on the other. Edward though was nervous here. Sano’s siblings have Emily now. What are they officially planning? But wait… Sano… Then he turned to his mom, “Mom, did you see Sano with you? Did she come to you guys?”

“No. I haven't seen her- let alone heard her.” says Trisha. Which makes Edward flinch over fear of the worse. “DAMMIT!! THAT MORON!” He screams and starts sprinting to Mustang. while everyone else stares confused. “Mustang!!” Mustang turns with Edward yelling at him, “we need to go after and track those demons!”

“What do you think we’re doing!? We’re trying but we don’t have any other tracker-”
“I planted a track on them though..” answers Edward quickly with a tracking device in his hand. Mustang gasped in amazement as he hands it to them, “NOW! Let’s go get those freaks and get the Edmund sisters!”


Its cold. She hears faint voices in the back. My body is numb- i can’t feel my hands or feet. I can feel my blood on my stomach from my wound. My conscious is coming back but its still dark. Wait.... I feel a light… what is that? I open my eyes to see a light with a hand. reaching out to me. I reach for it wanting to desperately to grasp it. Escape this darkness and cold- I WANT TO BE FREE!!

“THEN BECOME FREE!” A voice echoing that boost the darkness to disburse away and the abyss is white. then glowing an ocean below and a blue sky with puffy and calm skies. She feels like she’s flying. What’s this? she looks to see a light of a speck. she comes towards it to feel the warmth that she felt before. What is this? I know it…. Then she touches the speck with a glowing yellow spark zooms around her. She closes her eyes feeling the aura. R..Ryuu.. Ryuu? RYUU!!

“SANO!!” the same deep voice called and SAno opened her eyes to see the figure of a man with golden hair as if real gold of fire with horns on his head, his golden eyes showing a stern but softer appeal as he looks at her. He reaches out his hand as she does the same. they reach from this strong golden barrier that keep them apart. “SANO!”

“RYUU!!” They call to each other, but Ryuu won’t give up as he reaches through the barrier to go to her. Sano reaches through her little space before getting trapped into the abyss again. “RYUU! PLEASE DON’T LEAVE ME!!”

“I WILL NEVER SANO! I Will get you out of here! But you need to try to!” he cries through the barrier as it stings through his body, scratching his arms. He made a little opening as he reaches with his clawed hands. “NOW- REACH FOR ME SANO!” Sano stares at him of his hand. Why has it come to this? This demon.. from the beginning he just wanted my body to get something he wanted probably.. but he saved me many times I can count. He helped me in any situation… He cared about me.. a demon God that knows nothing about Humans and their emotions and lifestyles. But this demon, is someone that i want to know more about. Someone I want to protect as well. A partnership that we’ll protect each other… “BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT HUMANS DO!” She cries as she burst her hand out through her cage of light, reaching for his hand. Humans protect the people they care for. No matter what- I want to show him just what humans are capable of! Ryuu reaches as he sees Sano’s eyes glow blue as she starts to get loose from her cage and reaching his hand. RYUU!!

“SANO!” he cries out as they finally were able to touch each other’s fingers. A ray of light burst from the barrier as it burst like glass breaking from a window. Ryuu floated past the shards as he flies to Sano as she opens her arms as they welcome to each other’s embraces. Ryuu wrapped his arms tight around her capable of hearing her fluttering heartbeat. Sano smiles as she lays her head on his shoulder loving the warmth that he radiates. They’re one. They’re 2 souls into one now.

“SANO!!” Suddenly Sano was awoken with a loud gasp and waking up to a dark open living room. She looks around to look like a dark barn with dead things everywhere. and coffin covered in chains and a few beakers on it tied to a machine. Sano noticed she’s chained up from head to toe and can’t move. “Sano!?” Sano turned to see Emily tied across from her. “EMILY!” She tries to get up and get out of her chains.

“Sano! Don’t try it, they might beat you again- please..” her voice was already breaking she started weeping. “I can’t stand to see you get hurt anymore.. please..” she cries as tears fell down her cheeks. Sano stops as she looks at her sister. she was covered in bruises and cuts. she looks exhausted- it pained Sano seeing her sister like this. “Emily… what did they do to you?” Emily rose her head still in tears. “They took some of my blood. they might come back for more. they took some of yours too.”

“They What!?” gasped Sano then feeling holes on her wrists and ankles. those little…

“Sano- why do you think they want to do all of this? After everything that has happened? William and-”

“Wait- you knew about him?”

“Well of course, Edward told me everything Sano.” having a cold tone as she spoke to her.

Sano was silent as she bowed her head, knowing her sister is upset. “I’m sorry I lied to you. I just want to protect you.”

“PROTECT!? Look where that lead us Sano!? Whether you told me or not, this will eventually happen. You should have told me this situation so i could help and we could of-”
“I know I could of Emily but….” she pauses bending her head, “I can’t to see you hurt either.. And i made a promise.”

Emily stares confused. “I made a promise to mother that i’ll protect you! I’ll watch over you and you won’t get hurt- I’ll PROTECT THIS FAMILY!!”

“OH family huh?” The sister gasped in fear as the group start to walk in as Lesley comes by Sano. “Funny its amazing that you broke our spell so easily..” Sano was confused and watched as more siblings came in. There were 8 coming along as they formed a circle around the coffin and some stood by Sano and Emily. There was Lesly by her and their cousins around the coffin. William was even here.

“Now then, why don’t we get things started?” smiles a guy up front as he holds a needle. He smiles creepily as he walks towards Emily. Emily flinches as she squirms in her chains trying to get away. 2 guys grab her to hold still as they pound her the ground. “EMILY!! STOP- WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM US! WHAT IS YOUR PURPOSE FROM ALL THIS BULLSHIT!?” then the guy froze. He turns to Sano with his red eyes glowing furiously. He sets aside the needle as he picks San by the throat and pounds her to a wall. “Why you ask? You have no idea why he come to this world!? We’re the next big thing!” Sano stares confused as she struggles in his grip. “What does that have to do with us? Whos in that coffin?!” The man smiles, “That Sano Edmunds, is our mother-0 your grandmother Bonnie.” Sano gasped as Lesley speaks, “We killed your mother because she’s also related to her and we need the blood to revive our grandmother.”


“To start a new revolution!” screams the man, “This world is a world full of dangers and mysteries that is too risky for our world- it must be destroyed and gone from us! This Reality is not ours!”

“AND YOU THINK OUR REALITY IS BETTER!?” Screamed Sano, making them flinch. “What do you hope to gain after raising a hell of this? From the horror of reviving someone that will surely damn everything here and possibly worse!”

“SHUT UP! YOu know nothing of how this world is feared by many in our world! A Fake Reality with many dangerous possibilities that could threaten our Society and Reality. We need to take action- and you’re family is our sacrifice for a new future of this world…” and he takes the needle as he gets ready to stab it in her neck. “You will be our first..” Sano watches as the long needle come closer to her. Then he suddenly stops as one member comes forth, “Brother Jeremy, There are people here..”

“WHAT!?” He gasped and he lets go of Sano. “Alright half of you go and distract them and kill them. no one shall disturb us.”

“Yes Brother.” they chanted and they run out. Now left is Lesley, 2 of their cousins, Michael and Jessie and their boss brother, Jeremy. He comes by Sano once more and tries to get her blood. He smiles wickedly as Lesley holds her down. With Emily scared as she watches in horror not knowing what to do.


Meanwhile, the army of Central come and after the Edmund sisters and capture the demons that are planning something very bad. They’re in the highway as Edward uses his track device to locate them. He looks ahead from their truck and sees an old abandoned town. “THERE! Head that what!”

“Hold it, Fullmetal, you’re not commander here! THAT WAY GUYS!” He says pointing where Edward was. “HAI!” and everyone followed. While Edward gives him a glare saying, ‘really?’ look. They head full speed- but to get side tracked as they get attacked by the 5 siblings with great speed and strength slowing their space. They attack their trucks with soldiers and making them crash. Edward notices and he gets ready and claps his hands and uses the hende and creates a sword. Then oNe sibling catches him with his red eyes glowing. His dark bash hair long it grows making the attacks and his mouth turns into a big eating chomper. Edward screams of this extremeness and jumps at the back of the car for the creature to miss. “MUSTANG BURN IT!” cries Edward moving his sword around in the air like a moron. Mustang gets up and snaps to hurt the creature and he keeps doing it. The creature squeals in pain till letting go and falling on the ground as Riza driving swerving to get it off. Then Edward swings the sword and jabs it in his chest for the creature to fall over. Edward looks back and sees it turning to ash and disappearing. that’s strange.. he thought. then he turned to see the other siblings on the other trucks. “Brother! LETS GO!” called Alphones as he sat by him. Edward noded as they clapped their hands together and they jump off the truck creating borders going after the siblings. Edward screams after one sibling and punches it in the face as it falls to the ground. A few soldiers started shooting at them and causing them damaged- till Mustang comes and burns them to a corpse. “You soldiers go ahead to the town and check the area. We’ll get this sorted out. Hawkeye you go lead them.” ordered Mustang as he turns to Riza. “YES SIR! Let’s GO!” And she goes back to driving with the rest of the soldiers into town. “NO- WE CAN’T LET THEM GO THROUGH!” Called one sibling as he starts to run after them. Till Alphonse comes in front waving his hand, “No you don’t- and he claps as he creates earth borders and beating him to a pulp. He continues after the other siblings and helps Edward as he finds William ahead. Edward gets ready as William notices him and charges after with his strong large arms. Edward dodges his hands and trying to scratch them. “I won’t lose to you again!” Called Edward and he claps his hands and William raise his fist ready to punch him. Then Edward clasp his fist as the sparks surround William’s hand. William blinked confused then his hand burst into dust. William screamed in fear and confusion. “WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME!?”

“hHA- I just reverse the cycle of your system to return to its natural condition- a corpse.” stares Edward as he watches him tremble and his feet started to feel weak. “I mean hey, I should've realized there was something wrong with you, of why you’re immortal. Its because you’re all already dead and using some kind of power to hold yourselves up. and whatever area its kept, and if destroy it or reverse the process of its chemical function- well you know what happens.” William looked at him glaring with Fury- “YOU LITTLE BASTARD!” and he slams his other hand on top of Edward. Edward stops it as he holds it above him. William gets stronger and EDward could feel his automail bending. “I TOLD YOU… I WON’T LOSE TO YOU!” and he started to lift his hand higher. William staring in shock. “AND I HAVE SOMEWHERE TO BE! I HAVE SOMEONE TO SAVE!” and Edward Lifts his hand as he moves fast and jumps above him kicking home aside the head and William walking back holding his head. Edward comes behind him tripping him. William falls on his back as he stares up to Edward. “You.. what are you?”

“I’m called the fullmetal alchemist- and a human. Something that you cannot compare to.” and he claps his hand. “Hope you find a better world in the afterlife.” William looks at him and chuckles. “You have no idea what you’re getting yourself into…”

“What do you mean?” questioned Edward.

“This world of yours will soon become to an end. We will show you who is the true Reality and which is not. We will destroy you ALL!” And Edward slam hands on his chest and William froze and he stood froze and his body evaporates into dust. Edward though stood frozen as he thinks things through. He turns toward the town as he thinks of Sano and Emily. This whole thing then… is a plan to destroy our world with.. and he gasp. Edward then called for Mustang and Alphonse, “WE NEED TO HEAD TO THE TOWN! NOW!” And he starts to head there. “Wait Brother!”


“SANO NO!!” Cried Emily as the man and lesly beat Sano across the room. Sano was able to get out of the chain and get them out of here. but the demon were tougher than she thought. the Man had great speed and strength that Sano can’t escape him- he’s like a snake. Sano tries to kick him and punch him but he comes double and kicks her sides and shoves her against the coffin. everyone froze they see she moved the coffin. Sano looks as she coughed blood. Then a sudden glow of red appeared around the coffin. Sano backed away as it started to release glows and a wind swooped around the area. The coffin floated a little as symbols appeared on the lid and the chains burst open. Everyone stood frozen awaiting what’s coming out. Jeremy smiles insanity as he kneels along with Lesley and praise, “MOTHER!” Sano and Emily stood in fear as Sano see the lid open and a skeleton looking creature comes up slowly. it tries to stand but its weak. it looks around till it looks at Sano. the empty black holes turn to red lights that are stone lock on Sano. Sano is frozen, her legs are weak and is shaking. Emily too and she tries to call out for her but Sano can’t. the skeleton then lifted its bony arm and waved its fingers to come. Then a sudden earthquake shook the place till burst out vines with spikes started talking Emily and Sano. Sano though tries to rip through and free Emily. However Jeremy and Lesley wasn't going to let them go. Sano grips to the living voves its brought closer to the skeleton as it reaches for her. but at the last minute, a burst through the room with a fire explosion and the Elric brothers and Mustang come in. “SANO!” Screams Edward as slices through the vine to free Sano. the skeleton squeal when he sliced the vine. Sano falls to the fall and EDward grabs her away from the skeleton. Edward holds her tightly to him, not ever going to let her go. He holds his automail knife at her ready for anything. The skeleton glares up to Edward and Sano, but then turns to Alphonse and Emily. Sano turns and notices as she flinches. And a vice heads after Emily ready to pierce her. “NOOO EMILY!!” And Sano gets out of Edward’s embrace as she rushes towards Emily. And all in slow motion, a silence was in the room. The vine didn't touch Emily, besides the blood of her sister. Sano stood in front of her sister with the vine pierced right through her gut. Sano’s head was down but looks up to her sister with a bloody mouth and smiles, “I’m glad, you’re OK Emily…” Emily stares in shock as tears fell down her eyes. “Sister…” But Sano lost her smile as She screams in pain as the Vine stated to deject her blood and was traveling to the skeleton. Sano screams in agony and she falls to her knees. Emily screams going after her but was taken by Alphonse getting attacked by the vines. Edward noticed and claps his hands as he creates spikes to destroy the vines. Edward then came to Emily’s side to stop her from going near Sano. Sano continues to scream as her blood is drained. then the skeleton glowed a bright yellow and red as skin started to develop around it and hair grew. then as Sano started to get quieter and paler, the skeleton was a young looking woman with high cheekbones and white hair. The lady stood in the coffin and walked out casual being nude. Sano was moaning in pain till seeing the woman and she couldn’t react. Then the woman picked her up by the hair and glared in her eyes. “Sano Edmunds, you remind so much like your mother… Shitty, lousy, disgusting and useless…” and she throws her roughly against a wall for her to fall unconscious. Edward and everyone stood frozen in fear and worry. “SANO!”

“SANO-KUN!” Cried Edward as he held back Emily. Then the lady turns to Edward and Emily and gives a little snicker, “I could have a little snack.” but she was stopped by a fire explosion and she turns away dodging it. Mustang takes forward as he tries to fry her. but she laughs as she stands straight. “Well, well… you’re a good looking colonel. What's the name?”

“Nothing that you’re going to remember because you’re going to burn like a crisp!” And he snaps his fingers to create an explosion. Along with Alphones to create a barrier of rock to surround her so the fire burns her. they look at it hopeful- but the fire was swept away by the wind as the woman still stood there unharmed. she smiles showing her fangs and she goes after Mustang in quick speed. till in a blink of an eye she’s in his face, “pathetic..” and she jabbed her nails in him. Mustang choked by the shock as he tries to move out of her nails as it sucks his blood. “MUSTANG!” Called everyone as they see him struggle and fall to his knees. “NO LET HIM GO!” SAnd Alhones claps to create borders but the lady was saved by more of the siblings and destroy them. Edward, Emily and Alphonse gasped. not knowing what to really do. The siblings started to walk after them ready to get this over with. Till there was a silence filled with the siblings and they froze looking away. Edward then turned as everyone gasped. Sano is standing! She slowly gets up leaning on the walls. “Ho-HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE!?” croed one sibling.

“Shouldn’t she have no blood in her system!?” cried another, that takes the focus with the Grandma. She then releases him and looks back at Sano. She'd Step forward as Sano huffs getting up. She laughs, “Why do you keep trying? You’ve lost and this world is in the palm of my hands thanks to you. you should just give up- like the dirt you and your mother are.” Then Sano stood straighter and growls as she faces them. “Because- THAT’S NOT THE KIND OF PERSON I AM YOU FUCKING BITCH!” And staring into her eyes is Sano’s gold eyes. Edward flinched, Ryuu took control!? the grandma flinches a bit but laughs and she steps further to her. “Well.. show me what you got demon.” and Sano’s body radiated gold as her hair turned into fire and the room was spread with er aura- even the siblings were scared of her. Although the grandma didn’t care- and she shoots her nails. but they turns to dust as they touched her aura. grandma clicks her tongue but then comes her and tricks to kick but Sano moves away and uses her super speed and beat the grandma. moving her arms swiftly and kicking her side and face knocking her away. Till the grandma got her chance as she swiftly moved around her high kick and she jabs her other hand of nails into her back. Sano screams in pain as she get rammed to the wall. The Grandma then shoved her as she grabs her face and looks deep in her eyes. they give a long stare down. She looked deep within each other’s eyes- within each other’s souls. Then the GRandma lets go. And she turns away walking out. Then sano slides down to the floor leaning against the wall. Sano watches as she walks out away and Mustang is weak and bleeding like crazy. Then she turns to her, “Be lucky now Sano- I have other plans for you. I don’t want all of this to go to waste.. I’ll see ya soon my sweet little granddaughter..” and by a great gust of wind of dust and sand surrounding the area, they disappeared. they opened their eyes and can’t find them anywhere. Edward holds Emily till seeing Sano lifeless across them. Her head tilted and she looked at him with Gold eyes. His eyes widen as she started to form a little grin, till fading and her head lowers….


The sound of birds were echoed through a medium sized window sill that looks over a courtyard. A light shined through a little hospital room. Sano laid sleeping in her bed not moving at all for 2 months. Emily laid sleeping on the bed with Edward on a chair right next to Sano. Edward was reading but takes breaks to look over Sano. She was pale and she was breathing slowly. he reached over with his hand and strokes her cheek. then moving to her hair. feeling the smoothness and soft streaks as it goes across the pillow. her eyelashes long that flutter like a butterfly’s wings and her lips arched and rested. Edward now, from the long time since he met Sano, he knew he fell for the little outsider. He just didn’t think she felt the same. He cares for her deeply and want to do everything he can. But right now… its getting difficult to be the protector he needs to be for her. He closes the book as he gets up ready to leave. Till hearing a muffling sound. Edward looked at Emily, but she was still asleep. He hears more muffling, then a whisper, “Edward…” Edward turns with watery eyes and sees Sano slowly moving her eyes and looks around. confused and tired. she turns to him and he freezes unbelief that she’s awake. she smiles to him, “Hey Edward- how’s my little alchemist doing?” Edward smiles widely and his eyes give in as he runs to her side and hugs her softly. keeping her in his chest and holding her head delicately. “I’m so glad you’re OK…” he cries holding her. Sano was still tired so her eyes just fluttered and she yawns, “Oh.. did i do something wrong?” Edward can’t help but giggle as he let’s her go and looks into her eyes. he then cups her face into his and smiles sweetly to her, “No… you did nothing wrong..” Sano blushes a little but smiles and holds his hand while wiping his tears. “I never seen you cry Edward. Are YOU ok?” she teases. Edward chuckles but shrugs it off. But then the moment was ruined till Emily wakes up- “SANO!!!” And she jumps on her hugging her tightly. “I’m SO GLAD YOU’RE OK!”

“What exactly happened to me anyway? I thought I was…” but she drifted off remembering what happened. “Oh…. thats what happened..”

Emily and Edward stare at her confused.

“Well now that you’re back, there is a lot to be done now!” calls Emily, with Sano confused. “What-”

“First- you need to go to Central after you recovered your wounds for a court meeting.”


“Second: The siblings and Grandma are on the loose and killing people.”

“Wait I_”

“And THIRD: You need to stop doing things on your own and start depending on others for once!” Ands she playfully wakes Sano on the head for her to fall back on her pillow. Sano stares confused but smiles afterwards and nods understand. “OK Emily- you win…”

“OH SANO’S AWAKE!!” Then more people started coming in. the Elric Family were all there and MUstang too. He didn't lose that much blood and no major injuries. Sano was happy now, she was with the people she loves the most, and she was finally able to accomplish one thing- the thought of having friends and family to be there for you, and understand someone soulfully and taking one step at a time. Ryuu couldn’t help but make a smile as he learned a few things about Sano- or more or less humans… We’ll just have to see what happens now…

To Be continued..   

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